I was in need of some urgent money. So, I decided to call a few of my friends and relatives. First I thought I should ask my relatives. I sent an e-mail to one of relatives explaining my problems. He immediately called me over phone and spoke to me for 40 minutes. He sought all the details such as the list of creditors and how I got into this problem. Then he started explaining what I should do and what I should not do. He said he would call me after a few days to find a solution. I was so happy. I thought my financial difficulties would come to an end. However, my intuition told me, that I should talk to my friends also. Therefore I have decided to call a few of my friends. First, I dialed a friend. With great hesitation, I told him that I need some money urgently. He would not have expected such a request from me. He said “You know very well my position. I wish I have enough money to help you. But certainly, I will to pray to God to give me enough money to help you in future”. I was surprised not because he has not offered me help but because he said that he will pray to God to give ‘him’ enough money to help me.

He also knows that I too pray every day. He could have told me that he would pray that God gives me money. I chose to spoke to another friend of mine. I know for sure, that he does not have enough money even for his living. Still, I chose to ask him. He told me jovially that I had dialed a wrong number for money. After a couple of days, he came all the way to my place and gave me a few higher denomination currency notes. I was shocked. I asked him how he got this kind of money. He said that he got paid for his services. He is a hard worker. Sometimes, he may not have money even to travel by a bus. My eyes became wet on seeing his gesture. I refused to take any money from him, though I continued to have financial crunch. He was very adamant that I should take that cash from him. To satisfy him I took only one currency note. I asked another family friend of mine. He was very upset on hearing my difficulties. He said he would look into the matter immediately. I did not get any response from him. I decided to call him. He did not respond properly. I was pinning my hopes on him only. Indications were that he may not also help. This friend gives a lot in charity. But nobody knows where and how he helps the needy. But he ensures that he helps only the needy. I was praying to God that He should send somebody to help me out. As usual God did not respond. That evening this friend came home. Normally he does not come home frequently.

We were discussing about so many things. He was about to leave. Just before that he handed over a cover to me and asked to me open the cover after he left. After seeing him off, I opened the cover. There was cash inside the cover. This cash was just enough to settle all my major commitments. I did not get up from my seat for a long time, with tears rolling down my eyes. I called to thank him and wanted to know when and how I should repay the money. He said the repayment will be decided by God. What else I can say? Having settled the majority portion of my commitments, I was confident of settling all my commitments with the help of my relative, who has promised to call me after a few days. I thought he would have forgotten about my request. So I called him again. He said that he was busy with his work and that he would certainly call me later in that week. I was waiting to hear from him for weeks. At last, he sent me a check for a tiny portion of my requirement. The letter contained only advises, such as what I should do and what I should not do and all that stuff.

Finally he mentioned that the money would spoil the relationships and he wished that should not happen to us. I visit a place of worship daily. I always find that the place is full of positive vibrations. One day when I was there inside that place of worship, I could not feel any vibration at all. I was searching for the God inside. No, I could not find him. God is always kind enough to talk to me and answer my questions. But for answering my questions, he will not give anything!! I asked Him where he had gone. God replied “You fool! You know very well where I am now. I am sitting with the person, who had given you money to get you out of trouble. I was listening to the conversation between both of you. I was impressed when he said that I as God should decide the repayment of what he had given you. Only at that time, I found out a person in your world with whom I can stay forever. If you want to meet me, please go and see him. Within him I will always reside.” I was astonished with the words of God. Only at that time I understood where God resides.