Media’s question: You say that everything is governed by karmas. Why then we should follow the path of self realisation? You are unwilling to help the needy. Then what is your role in this universe? Why do we need you God? God answers: This is a very important question. Though I have mentioned in my speech about this, I have not established a link between your karmas and me. You remember that shakthi has made an announcement that she would liberate those who are willing to have liberation. Unless she has the powers to absolve you from your karmas, she would not have announced that. So, God can certainly give you liberation from your karmas, provided you ask for it in person. This means that you have to establish a visual communication link with me. As long as you do not come in person and ask me for freeing you from karmas, you are bound only by the theory of karma. Most of you ask for favours from me without establishing a link with me. Without establishing an internet connection, how you can visit this site? Without dialing a phone number and establishing a connection, how you can talk to a person? In the same way without establishing a connection with me, how you can communicate with me. All your prayers without such a connection vanish in thin air. That is why you are not able to get rid of your karmic burden. While answering the last question, I had said that I can solve all his problems. In his case I did not solve his problems because he has not established a direct connection with me.

Further he did not want to take the offer made by my shakthi for his salvation. What he wanted was a temporary remedy from his sufferings and material comforts. I will not give any temporary solution to anybody. Why should you follow the path of self realisation? Self realisation is the only way to establish a firm link with me. Self realisation is the means to find me. Without finding me, to whom you will ask for favours? I will certainly answer all your prayers, remove all your karmas and give you salvation provided you locate me. Remember that I reside within you as well. Therefore you have to realise yourself, as a part of God. But, remember if you ask for material comforts, I will not give. I am always willing to help the needy. But what is needed is important to me. If you ask for final liberation, I will give you liberation. My role in this universe is supreme. I am the ruler of this universe. If I want to destroy this universe, I can do so in no time. My powers are unlimited, huge, infinite and inexplicable. So, taking away your karmas is a very simple task for me. When I am too willing and too happy to help you, you are not seeking my help, in the way it should be sought. When your approach is wrong, I am not to be blamed. You always need me at some point or other in your births. You need me when you realise yourself, as part and parcel of God. You need me to wipe out your karmas when you approach me in the right direction. Those who do not understand and realise my formless form continue to be guided by their karmic account only. I cannot help them. If you realise me and ready to commune with me I am always ready to help.” God’s press meet is over with this question. Next is Shakthi’s liberation offer.