My Guruji was born this day. I was a regular visitor of nearby shakthi temple for years. The presiding deity is Moogambigai. The idol is beautifully sculptured and the priest takes keen interest in making Her look gorgeous and divine. Before my evening walk I make it a point to visit this temple and chat with the priest, a well informed young man. At that time I was desperately looking for a real Guru. One day during my casual chat with the priest, he said that there lives a Guru close by. I am living in this area for decades and this Guru was my neighbour, which I never knew. It was late in the evening when I heard about this Guru and I decided to take a chance to meet him immediately. When I entered his house I was made to wait, as Guru was taking his dinner. I could not control my anxiety. Every minute passed by, looked like an hour. After ten minutes of waiting he appeared. On just seeing him I prayed that he should accept me as his disciple. I first addressed him as Guruji only. My whole body was trembling as I could not withstand his vibration. It was a one to one meeting. Nobody was with us. I know for certain that I had met my Guruji. I was with him for about 90 minutes. Those 90 minutes I cannot forget in my life. He was very kind and cordial through out this time. It was very late by then and I decided not to disturb him any further as age was on his wrong side.

From that day onwards, I never failed to visit him during my six years of association with him. He knew all the four Vedas by heart. He can quote anything from any of the Upanishads without reference. He knew astrology, astronomy, ayurveda, mantra sastras and tantra sastras. He initiated me into mantras. Since I was so ignorant at that time, I will keep on seeking clarifications for hours together. He will patiently clarify citing simple examples. Almost this daily routine continued for about five years. He performed daily poojas. He had very powerful and vibrating idols. His voice was simply superb. When he chants mantras, the recitation can be heard from miles. The rhythm, fluency and voice modulation vied with each other. When he performed poojas, you can literally feel the presence of the concerened deity. He was very close to Paramacharyal of Kanchi mutt. I have seen various letters written to him from the mutt signed as narayana smriti. One day a person from a Gulf country came to meet him. At that time I was also there. Whenever I have time, I used to go to my Guruji’s house. This gentle man from the Gulf wanted some clarification on his horoscope. Guruji never took the horoscope from him. But Guruji went on describing his house, right from the structure to the flooring. To cap it all Guruji told him that at that time his son was taking delivery of a brand new grey colour car.

The gentle man did not believe this, as his son has not informed him about this car. He immediately rang up his son and he told him that he was in fact taking delivery of the same colour car. All of us were stunned. His own Guru is Ashwathama, the son of Dhronachariar. Ashwathama is said to be one of the chiranjivis (immortal). My Guruji told me that he got initiation from Ashwathama when Guruji was doing penance at the Himalayas. My Guruji has a big photograph of Ashwathama in his pooja room. On every birthday of Ashwathama, sacred ashes (vibuthi) used to fall from his photo. All his disciples including me saw those ashes gushing out from the photo. My Guruji had enormous powers and was a highly evolved soul. On one of his birthdays, same day three years back, he told me that he is going to teach me on self realization. Every evening for six months he taught me the steps towards self realization. Believe me, no body was present at that time except my Guruji and me. Either people will meet him before or after his teachings.

The way in which he explained the concept, importance and modalities with simple examples, my God, no body can explain the most difficult concept in our life in such a simple way. Once, he was done with six months teaching, he again condensed the whole thing and delivered in fifteen days. When the second session was over, he asked me to prostrate before him. He never touches anybody nor does he allow others to touch him. He kept both his hands on my head for a moment. My God, my head was spinning like a motor wheel. It took several minutes before I could recoup myself. He knew when he was going to die. Normally I used to be with him till 9.00 in the night. When I announced my departure, he asked me to come back at 10.30 in the night. He asked me and my wife to sit on his bed and he hugged us like an affectionate father. I know for sure that he was passing on something to us. He had slight difficulty in breathing when I reached his house again. We called the doctor, though my Guruji said that doctors cannot do anything. Not one doctor, but several doctors came rushing in. He had a number of doctor disciples. Doctors wanted him to be admitted in a hospital, though they felt that his pulse and BP were normal. My Guruji refused to go to hospital. It was past midnight.

One by one started leaving as he stabilized at that time. I also wanted to take leave, but he asked me to stay back. I stayed back for a while. I could not stay longer, as I was feeling very sleepy. Guruji was still sitting and meditating. His family members were there by his side at that time. I quietly left my Guruji and returned home to catch up with my sleep. But I could not get my sleep. I was feeling very guilty and I could not get my sleep. I called up his house by 01.30 early in the morning. His son informed me his end. He would have departed just then probably at 1.28 or 1.29. I ran to his house. I saw my Guruji but his atman had already merged with Him. I was too late. Today we are celebrating His birthday. I know that he will forgive me for not obeying his instructions during his last one hour. He is called Satyajithananda means one who has won over the Truth. Guruji! Are you hearing me? We need you Guruji, we need you to be always with us. We have nobody else except you Guruji. Will you come today in person to bless your children Guruji. We will be waiting for you today Guruji. Will you come back Guruji?