This is part VII, the concluding part of mind series. The first thing is to control the sensory organs. Secondly, do not identify with your thoughts and just be a witness. Positive affirmations make things happen. Therefore you should not give room for negative thoughts. If negative thoughts enter your subconscious mind, your negative thoughts will become a reality. Unnecessary talks and chats affect our thoughts. Try and learn to talk less. Thoughts are closely associated with mind. So thoughts have to be pure. By associating with pure thoughts, your mind also becomes pure. This is the preliminary stage. As you progress, your mind should stop its actions. Generations of thoughts should also cease. When no thought exists and when your mind is without worldly impressions, the gates of divinity have been opened for you. Such a situation can be obtained only by an effective meditation. Attaining this stage is a precondition for kundalini meditation. In such a situation, instead of intelligence and knowledge being infused before transmitting the inputs to your subconscious mind, the mind itself becomes the source of knowledge and wisdom. This is not just worldly knowledge and wisdom. This is the knowledge of Atman that exists everywhere. How to realise that this wisdom and knowledge are divine? Since your mind has become inactive and thoughtless about worldly things such as attachments, greed, lust, desires etc. the remaining thing is atman, as atman prevails everywhere.

When mind becomes inactive, the concept time viz. past, present and future is lost. The qualities of three gunas satwic, rajas and tamas are lost. When time and gunas are lost, the illusion or maya is also vanishes. When maya vanishes, duality also goes. When duality goes away you are able to realise the Supreme Brahman or Atman. This Atman will not give you anything as it does not act. It is only a mute spectator. There will be no more rebirths for you. Your sufferings come to an end and you merge with the Supreme. From what we have discussed above, it should be clear that it is essential to tame our mind and become its master. Otherwise, mind will become our master and put us into difficulties. The secret of detachment lies in taming our mind. Breathing exercises help in keeping the mind under your control. That is why great importance is attached to pranayama. The practice of taming the mind should be commenced as early as possible. As you grow old, your worldly attachments also grow. Beyond a certain point you may not be able to control your mind at all. Your attachment starts with your father and mother, then wife then your children, then your grand children and it goes on like this without an end. That is why you should start the practice of detachment at an early age. It does not mean that when you are old you cannot develop detachment. As a matter of fact when you are old, you gain more wisdom and knowledge by experience. With the aid of wisdom and knowledge you can control your mind. But we should not forget that practice makes a man perfect. With this we close our discussions on mind. For clarification and feedback you can mail me at