You are Shiva

This is part VII of Shiva the Supreme. Shamkara is another name of Shiva. Sham means blessings which indicate Shiva is full of grace waiting to be showered on those seeking Him. Shakthi is the creation of Shiva. Lalitha Sahasranama 281 unmesha nimishotpanna vipanna bhuvanavali. The meaning of this nama is Shakthi creates and destroys at the wink of her eyes. How She derived such sweeping powers? Is it not the duty of Shiva, whom we call as the Supreme? As we discussed earlier Shiva is the static energy and Shakthi is kinetic energy. Shiva is self illuminating like the sun and Shakthi derives light only from Shiva like the moon. All the potent energy of Shiva is transferred to Shakthi. Shakthi does not have any potent energy of her own. She will not exist with out the intent and will of Shiva to create her. So Shakthi is a tool used by Shiva to perform the acts of emergence and submergence. You and I do not move towards the sensory objects out of our own will. Our movement is controlled by the dynamic Shiva, through his Shakthi. We can realise Shiva only if our ego is dissolved. We can dissolve our ego only if Shiva so desires. So every thing and every activity is controlled by Shiva through shakthi. They do not control these activities out of their own will and pleasure. They are guided by our karmas. They are the judges and decide on the effects of our karmas. We have to realise our essential self and not our empirical self. It is always better to realise by experiment rather than going by theories. You read these articles on self realisation. It can only show you the correct path; but you have to walk along the path to reach the destination. This is the difference between theory and practice Divinity consists of two things viz. subject and object. Subject is Shiva who does not change and object is Shakthi and is subject to change. Without subject there cannot be an object. Without Shiva there is no Shakthi.

Shiva is to be realised first through introvert meditation and later by extrovert meditation. Introvert meditation leads you to self realization and extrovert meditation leads you to understand that Shiva exists everywhere. It is not just enough to realise Him only within, though it is the first step. The fact is that He does not reside within you alone. Your aim is not just to experience him but to merge with him and ultimately become Shiva himself. Becoming Shiva himself is the real experience. When you become Shiva what happens? Shiva does not have desires, attachments or any worldly things. So, when you become Shiva you also get rid of your desires, worldly attachments etc. When you become Shiva himself, you also look at others as Shiva. You do not and you cannot distinguish and differentiate between your children, your father, your sister, the beggar on the road or a billionaire. This stage is called Shivoham. Shiva + aham = shivoham means that ‘I am Shiva.’ Due to the vastness of the subject this series could not be concluded in this posting and will be concluded in the next posting.