Manifestation is a very powerful tool that is available to us. Manifestation helps us to create and thus make us as a creator. Will is important for manifestation. Your thought and mind though play their own role in manifestation, your will to manifest is very important. Basically, what you require is to engage your thought and mind to create something with a bodily form, though such form does not exist in reality. Since the form does not exist in reality, you have to use your imagination to conceive a form with shape. So, in order to create something with a form, what you need is your imagination that influences your mind and thought to manifest. The end result of manifestation is the form created. Therefore it is only you, who have to create and give a form to the manifested ‘object’. The word object is placed in apostrophes because the manifested object does not exist in reality.

Ishta Devata is the form of God that is to our liking. Ishta means liking. Ishta Devata means the God to our liking. In other words, it can be interpreted that you can create a form to your liking, your very own Ishta Devata. To help us to create various forms of God, ancient saints have by their imagination described various forms of God by explaining their form, the colour of their complexion, the arms used by them, flowers worn by them and all other minute details such as the stones in their crown, etc. These descriptions are given in the form verses which are called dyan slokas. By understanding the meaning of these verses, you can easily visualize a form of your own choice. These saints have made our job easy. I would like to reiterate the point that God is formless as He is the universal consciousness. The forms we discuss are only manifested forms. In future postings, we are going discuss about the formless form of God and methods of meditating on His formless form. But that would be the highest form of meditation. We cannot jump from primary school to doctorate degree.

We are now in our primary schooling. After completing all the preliminaries discussed in the earlier postings, sit in a comfortable posture. Now, start creating the form of your own Ishta Devata, after understanding the meaning of the verse. Your thought and mind should be working in unison with your manifestation. Do not allow your thoughts to stray away. This creation will take time to get a final shape. In the first day, you can form the silhouette. In the next day, you can visualize the complexion. In the subsequent days, you can visualize their garlands, their attire, their crown, their arms, etc. It will certainly take a month or so to complete the creation of the form. Now you should be able to see the form that has been manifested by you, whenever you want to. Now you give a name to the form. This name will be there in the dyan verse. You can use the same name or whatever name you like. When you call that name, you should be able to visualize the form. Now you have created a form and also you have given a name to that form. This is possible only by practice. If you take sincere efforts, you will have unimaginable results. This form will do wonders for you. We will find out how to commune with your ‘Godly’ form in our subsequent postings. In case you have missed the following two postings, please go through them carefully here: Manifestation vs Maya and Manifestation.