Will You Come Back Guruji is a spiritual fiction. Shiva felt that spirituality is waning in the world. He acts through some eminent gurus to transform a young rustic man into an unfeigned spiritual guru. They send an emissary, who also becomes his guru, to the village to bring the boy for spiritual training first to Haridwar, where he is trained by Shilagra Baba. He then moves to Rishikesh for training under Mokshita Yogi Maharaj who teaches him kundalini meditation. There he meets a woman.... Read More

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This book is authored by V.Ravi. He shares his spiritual experience through detailed discussions on Self-realization, interpretation of Indian Scriptures, simplified guidance to kundalini meditation, explanation on mantras, etc. From the year 2000, he has devoted his entire time to writing. He has spent considerable time in studying Indian scriptures, particularly Advaita philosophy, which is the foundational aspect of Indian philosophy. He uses simple language to explain Sanskrit words, which become an integral part while understanding sacred Indian Scriptures. He owns a website www.manblunder.com.

His other books are Lalit? Sahasran?ma, ?iva S?tras, Kundalini Unravelled, Emancipate Your Soul, Essence of Bhagavad Gita and Tattvabodha.