March 22, 2019 01:31 PM

You may meditate on the verse as is.

March 20, 2019 11:28 AM

Shiva in conversation with Shakti deals more with souls and probably this could have impacted your mind. Please close your right nostril and inhale and exhale through left nostril and then meditate and find out the outcome. 

March 20, 2019 11:19 AM

Namaskaram Gurugaru. Eversince I came in touch with your blog,I found myself progressing spiritually.All my doubts you've been clearing on day to day basis.As per your advise I started meditating on Lord Shiva as my Ishta Devta.Also read Vivekchudamani and Bhagwad Gita chapters from your blog.All this while I was able to meditate well with proper concentration for more than 20 minutes in the morning and evening.But when I started reading 'Shiva in conversation with Shakti',as per your advise to find answer for my recent qeury,I am not able to meditate properly.The light on which I could concentrate all these days during meditation is not visible at all.I don't know where I have gone wrong.Please help Gurugaru.

March 18, 2019 12:50 PM

Hi sir, in the Argala Stotram, can we take only the 1st verse (Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Svaha Svadha Namostute) and chant continuously in meditative state? Also, should we add OM at the beginning or is it fine to start with Jayanthi?

March 18, 2019 02:25 AM

Vārāhī and Bagalāmukhī devi-s are one and the same, although their description and mantras are different. You can choose either of their mantras and/or homa-s. For mantra recitation, I would suggest the Śrī Vārāhī Gāyatrī mantra, which does not require any initiation and can be recited. One must however, recite the kavacam everyday, for adequate protection and for best results. Other stotras associated with Her, may also be recited. The main mantras of Śrī Vārāhī are only for Śrī Vidya devotees and require a pre-requisite of Pañcadaśī upadeśa, in my opinion. These mantras can be dangerous without a proper initiation. Devotion to the divine mother is foremost and can override everything, but in general, it is best to follow the recommended procedures. You may consider any other Devi homam or Sudarśana homam for getting rid of enemies. If possible, consider performing it at home or at the place where the threat of enemies is present.

March 17, 2019 11:21 AM

thank you krishnaji.APPRECIATE YOUR RESPONSE. IN new delhi i doubt there are priest who do varahi yagna.I would like to seek your blessings for chanting varahi mantra also would like to know if you could guide me into proper worshiping of maa varahi to solve issue like how many mantra chanting per day and for how many days. THANKS

March 16, 2019 11:54 PM

It is only Her grace that can save you from the situation. Do your best to recite the mantra with utmost devotion. You may consider seeking the services of a priest to perform any recommended homam, that could be useful to protect against enemies.

March 16, 2019 12:13 AM

KRISHNAJI you have provided gr8 info.I have stsrted chanting adi varahi kavach and this mantra recently.I Have some issues dispute in land related problems kindly guide how to use this mantra for opposite party who are troubling my family and want to grab the land. THANKS

March 12, 2019 09:02 PM

Your question is answered in this series

March 12, 2019 08:24 PM

Namaskaram Gurugaru.Please explain under which circumstances a soul enters another body immediately after the death of the previous one.

March 12, 2019 08:33 AM

It is suggested to practice the alternate nostril breathing techniques for a few minutes, to balance the breath in both nostrils and then recite the kavacam. Also, it is suggested to pause at the dhyāna śloka and contemplate upon Her form for a few minutes. This would help in obtaining deeper levels of concentration.